Terms of Service

DirtStyle.tv is a video sharing platform with a motive to allow its users to provide their peers with weird and unusual adult entertainment. All content found on DirtStyle.tv, such as videos, photos, galleries, groups etc.. are submitted solely by the sites users. All users must adhere to the following terms.
  • DirtStyle.tv does not allow copyrighted content on its website without permission from the copyright owner.
  • Do not upload high quality DVDRips and videos that are produced for profit. DirtStyle.tv is not a place for mainstream porn.
  • DirtStyle.tv does not allow its users to upload videos or pictures which displays child pornography or any persons under the age of 18 years.
  • DirtStyle.tv does not allow its users to upload videos or pictures which displays acts of zoophilia.
  • Do not put URL's (web addresses / domain names) in video titles or tags. You can promote your website on your channel, but keep the video pages clean!
  • Do not put affiliate / money making links anywhere but on your own channel page.
21.10.2014 Content Update: We have decided to add a rule against the promotion of gay websites. It will, of course, still be allowed to post gay content if it fits into one of our categories, but using our website as a platform solely to promote "regular" gay websites will no longer be allowed. By our statistics, it has shown itself to drive away visitors, and besides, homosexual porn does not automatically qualify as fetishistic simply because it's not mainstream. This new rule does not affect the promotion of transsexual websites and should in no way be seen as a complete ban on gay content.

These policies may be modified at any time, so please keep yourself up to date.